Windshield Wiper Not Making Contact: How to Get Rid of this Problem?

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The problem of wiper blades not contacting the vehicle’s windshield is annoying, especially when smearing all the windscreen.

At the same time, it is also a sign of possible danger while driving, particularly in rain or snowy weather. So you need to fix this issue thereby avoiding any kind of hazard. Anyways, let’s come to the point straight away.

This problem may arise if you have bought new wiper blades, which are not of your vehicles fitting or may be due to worn out wiper blades. Although this may be true, however, there could be some other reason, which might be the overall cause of the situation:

  1. The spring, which pulls the wiper blade to the windscreen, may have accidentally been detached or blown away due to any reason. Therefore, check out for the spring in the pivot of the wiper.
  2. The new wiper blade you bought might be a reason to consider since sometimes people manage to get one that doesn’t fit their vehicle’s type. So double-check that you bought the right one that is compatible with your vehicle.
  3. Unfortunately, however, if none of the above reasons are true in your case, there might be a problem in the wiper’s arm, which may have deteriorated over time.  

Now, if the any of the above reason proofs right for you, then you would probably like fix the issue, here is how:

First, If the problem arose from the lost spring, then check an old spring and see if the problem gets solved. Secondly, send the wiper blades back to the company you purchased from if you got the wrong one. For the last one, visit a technician in your town. If that’s not possible, then a quick solution may be to bend the wipers arm 4-5 inches away from the wiper blade about 2 or 3 degrees towards the windshield. That’s a quick solution, and hopefully, your problem may have been resolved.

When Do We Replace the Windshield Wiper?

It’s very important to know that your vehicle’s wiper blades need to be replaced more than once a year.

In fact, it is recommended to replace the wiper blades every six months.

That’s primarily because over time due to exposure to the sun, external factors or weather like snow, rain, etc., and even the use of wiper blades quite often can result in poor performance of the wiper’s blades.

This may happen due to the wear out rubber of the wiper or maybe the spring, which pulls the blade to the windshield, loses tensile strength. Hence, it is very important to replace the old worn-out wipers at the recommended time.

how to stop windscreen wipers smearing?

showing the smearing on the windshield from inside of the vehicle

If you see water smearing all over your windshield, which indicates that the wipers are not working properly or are old and worn-out.

Usually, replacing the older wiper blades could resolve the smearing issue, especially when you are using the OEM wiper blades.

Since the beam wiper blades like Bosch have quite a few plus features which outperform it over OEM ones. You can find the most popular Bosch wiper blade on Amazon here.

Usually, the above solution should solve your problem. However, if your wiper blades are new, and you bought them recently, then there might be some other issues like:

  1. Dirty or Smutty Windshield – dirt or muddy surfaces are sometimes the causes of smearing. Using a better glass cleaner can solve the problem like Invisible Glass cleaner, you can find it on Amazon here.
  2. Windshield Wiper Fluid – if you are not using it then you should probably consider using a quality wiper fluid. You can find it on Amazon here.

Hopefully, the above solutions would solve the problem of smearing. Check out the best option which is affordable and easily achievable for you. Clean off! Then, activate your wiper blades and see the results. 

Still, Smearing?

Then, you should better consider the idea of buying better wiper blades like Bosch. 


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