Best Hybrid Wiper Blades – 2020

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It’s quite normal to forget to change your car’s windshield wipers since they are not as demanding as any other part of your car like fuel, engine oil, etc. However, wipers play an important role in optimizing the visibility of your car’s windshield in rain or snow while keeping you safe from the hazards of accidents. So you must always replace your windshield wipers as soon as you find out they are unacceptably doing their job – leaving streaks or smearing water over all the windshield. If you didn’t know, it is recommended to change your car’s windshield wipers every 6 months.

With all that said, when you feel like the wipers aren’t doing their job right, consider going for hybrid wiper blades. Well, because unlike conventional and beam style wipers, hybrid wipers are the combination of both. Their aerodynamic design is way better having all-weather wiping optimized performance of beam wipers blades. Moreover, for exceptional wiping operations, the exact pressure points help as an aid to fulfill the purpose.

In brief, today we’ll have a close look at some of the hybrid wiper blades considered best based on customer reviews and satisfaction.

Bosch Wiper Blade – Rear

Unlike Bosch Aerotwin, Bosch Insight doesn’t come as a set to swap out both of your windshield wipers at once. So you have to buy two packs in case you need a replacement for both of your wipers. You can find it on Amazon here.

It is designed with a robust integrated spoiler to provide a high amount of consistency with improved performance. It also offers a unique design in the market with a hybrid design experiencing the incredible Bosch’s beam wiping power. To avoid skipping and for consistent pressure across the blade, the blade is reinforced with a patented internal tension spring, which makes sure that the equal amount of pressure is enforced.

The best part about Bosch Insight is that it offers less snow and ice buildup due to the premium hybrid design construction which minimizes gaps between joints eradicating the harsh weather issues. In fact, it’s a great wiper when favoring hybrid wiping performance.

To assist custom fit to different models with varied sizes, Bosch has been among pioneers at tailoring each of the sizing options. So all you need to do is figure out the required specification for your vehicle, and you are ready to go. Moreover, this wiper covers the Pin arm (4.8mm & 6.35mm) and Hook arm(9×3 & 9×4), which makes the installation process easier enough for even a layman.

Though it may not fit on some of the models, so it’s important to purchase the right blade for yourself. You may even experience a significant amount of skipping or chattering if it doesn’t fit in the first place. Therefore, make sure you are choosing the right one.

Rain-X 880009 Fusion Wiper Blade

Rain-x Fusion is a bit expensive wiper that can persist through the harsh climates of northern America. You can find it on Amazon here.

Synthetic rubber “squeegee” is advertised as providing smooth and streak-free wiping performance. The improved windshield contacts also feature these characteristics. It also features a sturdy aerodynamic design, which helps in avoiding wind lifts often caused by harsh weather at high speed. Specifically, these wiper blades are featuring all-weather performance in both summers and winters. 

The wiper comes with a J-hook adapter which not only fits a large J-hook but also the side pin wiper arms. For those now wondering, J-hook makes the installation process a lot easier for you. Typically, it takes less than 5 minutes to fix these wipers to your windshield. 

If you’d prefer to replace the factory hybrid wipers, Rain-x Fusion is the perfect fit for you, which comes factory installed already. Also, to prevent the clogged snow, the durable casing is composed, which figures out this trouble.

As the advertisement says, “Rain-x is the next generation’s wiper blades.” specifically, perhaps due to the aerodynamic design. Again, the hybrid design is actually the essence of the Rain-x Fusion because that’s what makes it different from the rest of the other Rain-x wipers. 

A report indicates that the person who bought these didn’t even have to bother cleaning the dirt, or debris off the rubber of the wiper. This happens when the wipers are not doing their job perfectly – leaving streaks, or smearing water all over the windshield. So this would probably last for longer than even in places whether weather changes frequently, or rain happens for more than 6 months a year. 

AERO Hybrid Wiper Blade

We can’t wrap up our collection for the best hybrid windshield wipers without including Aero Hybrid blade. You can find it on Amazon here.

These wipers have been designed while keeping the view of the curved windshield. The great design contours to the curved shape of the windshield, which makes wiping way more smooth and streak-free. 

The Aero boasts a specially blended rubber that can resist harsh weather conditions while contributing to provide clean and chatter-free wiping performance. The durable rubber makes the wiper performance to last longer, which ensures that the wiper serves your car longer. 

The blades have such a great design that it avoids catching up on the snow and ice, making life easier for people living in colder states. In addition to that, the aerodynamic design has been integrated into the wipers construction to reduce wind lift and drag noise, which is often a concern for people when ending up with noisy wipers, and also with those that don’t keep equal amount of pressure on all sides of the wipers. 

These wipers feature OEM replacement and fitment, which has been guaranteed. This means that these wipers would fit your vehicle if it had previously been with OEM wiper blades. To say the other way, it’s very much likely that they would fit on your vehicle. 

The installation process is quite easier, it’s simply a J-hook wiper arm that slides in into the wiper blade without any hesitation. Before making a purchase make sure to figure out the right size for your vehicle.


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